Image of a tweet from @IanColdwater: "Contactless delivery is a gift to introverts. I get pizza AND I don't have to interact with a human? Hell yeah, sign me up."
Introverts on Twitter are having a hard time readjusting to the world reopening. Photo courtesy: Twitter/@IanColdWater

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15 Accurate Tweets That’ll Make Introverts Go, “Omg, It Me!”

What is it like to be an introvert in this chaotic world? Tweets from introverts show us.

With more people getting vaccinated and parts of the world opening up again, an introvert’s worst nightmare is becoming a reality again — socializing. While all of us are definitely glad that ‘nature is healing’ and we are overcoming the pandemic, introverts now have to make up other excuses to avoid stepping out of their houses. If you are an introvert, here are a tweets you will relate to. If you are an extrovert, here is a glimpse into the minds of introverts.




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15 Accurate Tweets That’ll Make Introverts Go, “Omg, It Me!”