Image of a tweet from @mom_tho: my four year old just asked me to eat the rest of her fries and i wept for suddenly the pain of childbirth was erased
Moms have discovered new parenting hacks in the pandemic that work every time. Photo courtesy: Twitter/@mom_tho


15 Sassy Tweets From Moms Sharing Their Parenting Wins

'Clean your room or I will cut your hair again is such an unexpected and fun parenting tool these days.'

Being a mother is a job that requires infinite patience and restraint. Add to that a raging pandemic and staying in 24×7 with your little ones! It can be daunting with no space for yourself and constantly tending to your kids’ demands while balancing chores and work. Some moms are navigating the pandemic in their own fun ways and tweeting about the small wins they’ve achieved. For Mother’s Day, we’ve compiled a few sassy tweets from moms that you know are too real if you’ve spent months locked down with your kids.

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15 Sassy Tweets From Moms Sharing Their Parenting Wins