Image of a tweet from @draparente: Now we all get to play the fun game of “Do I feel like crap because of the vaccine, do I have covid, or is this pandemic exhaustion?”
How often have you Googled your symptoms to check if it's COVID-19 or just life playing games? Photo courtesy: Twitter/@draparente


15 Relatable Tweets About COVID Scares We’ve All Had

'Is this burnout, pandemic fatigue, or am I just really over the “hustle culture” forever?'

A sneeze, cough or just breathlessness after a run are enough to set us in panic mode these days. If Googling every minor discomfort and checking symptoms of COVID-19 every now and then is something you’re guilty of, we’ve compiled a list of tweets to let you know you’re not the only one. Is it COVID-19, exhaustion or just poor eating habits? Anything is a COVID scare and people on Twitter are sharing how the pandemic is playing games with them.

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15 Relatable Tweets About COVID Scares We’ve All Had