Image of a quote tweet from @LizaSaha saying, "Was traveling back from Cal with my 5 month old baby alone. She was howling and crying right before take off. I was apologetic to my immediate co-passenger. This kind gentleman said he had a little boy too and would be happy to help in any way," in response to a tweet from @zigzackly asking, "What's the nicest thing a stranger has done for or to you?"
People share their reactions to experiencing kindness in their lives. Photo courtesy: Twitter/LizaSaha


15 Tweets About Random Acts of Kindness to Restore Your Faith in Humanity

From getting help in a tough spot to thoughtful gestures, kindness can take many forms.

Do you remember the last time you were truly selfless and did something for someone else? Experiencing acts of kindness from strangers can often be a life-changing experience especially when you least expect to receive it. Now that we’re living through a semi-apocalyptic scenario with numerous natural disasters and a pandemic, showing kindness to one another is even more crucial as part of the human experience. To remind ourselves of the good in this world, here’s a curation of our favourite tweets that talk about acts of kindness that people have received.

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15 Tweets About Random Acts of Kindness to Restore Your Faith in Humanity