Image of a tweet by @thesarahkelly: "lmao this is the most 2021 rejection ever" A screenshot of a text message that says, "Ur real cool however I found someone who is also Vaccinated!! So I think we both wanna minimize our bubble n stay safer in these trying times!!!"
If you’re single this Valentine's Day, just know that you’re not alone in your angst.


15 Tweets That Sum up How Singles Feel About Valentine’s Day

They may not have someone to celebrate the day with, but they have memes.

Valentine’s day is a hotbed of conversation. Whether you are single or in a relationship or believe the day is Hallmark propaganda, nobody can deny that the internet is rife with some of the best content around this time. Be it corny, romantic posts from those in love or hilarious memes from the singles, there is something for everyone. We’ve compiled a list of 15 tweets on Valentine’s day that left us in splits.

A never-used-before COVID special

The classics

The classics under the pandemic

Some of us are here with a purpose…

 …while some of us are quite self aware.

 Not all singles are unhappy with their ‘singlehood’ though!

Glad people have their priorities sorted on Valentine’s day!

Some of us are single, and we’re not surprised about it…

Ending the list with our sympathies for this person…

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15 Tweets That Sum up How Singles Feel About Valentine’s Day