Image of a tweet from @SydneyKamlager: A decades long champion of education, voting rights, and democracy, and now, our state’s first Black Secretary of State. That’s women’s history. @DrWeber4CA #WomensHistoryMonth. The tweet also has an image of California Secretary of State Dr Shirley Weber with the quote, "I continue to tell people that the best thing that we have is a strong educational system because that is the American equalizer. My daddy told me: 'You get an education and nobody can ever take it away from you.' No matter how much they like or dislike me. I'm still Dr. Shirley Weber."
For Women's History Month, here are some of the most prominent women who paved the way for generations to come.


15 Tweets That Celebrate the Women Who Have Empowered Generations to Come

From brilliant scientists to revolutionary writers, women have always led the way to change.

For centuries women have been chipping away at the block of patriarchy, attempting to overcome the obstacle that it poses in their everyday. From fighting for a seat at the table to shattering the glass ceiling, women have been trying to create change, not just for themselves and their communities but also for those who will follow in their footsteps. For Women’s History Month, here are some changemakers who have impacted the world.

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15 Tweets That Celebrate the Women Who Have Empowered Generations to Come