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About Us

Re:Set is your everyday partner for smart, original journalism and commentary around mental health, inclusion, gender, pop culture and politics launched by journalist Aakanksha Tangri.

We focus on telling original in-depth stories and providing digestible and culturally-sensitive resources.

With the aim to dispel misconceptions and foster honest dialogues, Re:Set promises a safe, inclusive space that encourages conversations on issues that matter and inspire change.

As one of the few publications dedicated to telling stories around mental health, gender and inclusion, our work helps you dissect the intersection between policy and well-being and its effects on our daily lives from education access to gender equality and accessibility.

If you’re pitching a story to us, please include the following:

  • Proposed headline
  • Crux of the piece and the news peg
  • Your potential sources and estimated word count
  • A bit about yourself and writing samples

Get in touch and we promise to get back to you:

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