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Picks from the Re:Set community that cover everything from education to inclusion. Illustration by (c) Reset Fest Inc, Canada

Mental Health

The Best of Mental Health, Education and Inclusion From Us, Picked By You

Picked by our community from among our deep dives, reports, personal essays and op-eds.

F rom the lessons a chronically ill young woman has for people stuck at home because of COVID-19 lockdown to a curation of books that cover mental health, our most popular pieces cover a wide spectrum of stories. Focusing on education, inclusion, parenting, and culture, there’s something in here for everyone.

Black and Disabled: How Racial Discrimination Is Amplified by Ableism

Facing the compound discrimination of ableism and racism, black disabled people reflect on how system injustice affects their lives. Read their reflections here.

Image of Teighlor McGee on black and grey stripes

Teighlor McGee strongly feels that the police lack the necessary training to safely engage with people with mental and physical disabilities. Photo courtesy: Trista Marie Photography

From Hate to Acceptance: How Women Are Reclaiming the Narrative Around Body Hair

Women introspect where the pressure for women to be hairless stems from and what prompted their decision to stop body hair removal. Read what they have to say here.

Brenna Pennly smiles at the camera while lifting her arms to show her unshaven underarms.

The pressure to engage in body hair removal can begin from friends, family and even advertisements. Photo courtesy: Brenna Pennly

Inclusive Education Doesn’t Just Benefit Children with Special Needs

There’s no particular class in school that teaches empathy to students. However, it’s an important quality for children to imbibe in an increasingly multicultural world. Essentially, empathy is learned from being exposed to those who are different from you. Check out the rest of the piece here.

An image of a kid in a wheelchair and one kid next to them.

Both neurotypical and children with special needs stand to benefit from each other’s presence in a school setting. Illustration by (c) Reset Fest Inc, Canada

Eight Indian Books on Mental Health You Need to Read

A list of powerful books by Indian authors that help us locate the humanity in mental health narratives. See the full list here.

In this picture is the book cover art for I've never been Unhappier by Shaheen Bhatt, and the cover spells out the title and the author's name. The illustration features an open Russian Doll. The external doll is of a blue hue and the one on the inside is yellow and red. The background is also yellow.

“I’ve Never Been (Un)happier” by Shaheen Bhatt is a quick read. Photo courtesy: Penguin India

Tips on Getting Through the COVID-19 Lockdown From Someone with a Chronic Illness

“For the most part of my life, I’ve been cooped up inside for long periods either at home or at the hospital.” Read a young woman’s reflections here.

Image of Ritika Malhotra playing a keyboard

Hobbies like playing instruments have helped Malhotra grow accustomed to her mostly indoors life. Photo courtesy: Ritika Malhotra

Memes and Mental Health: It’s Not Fun, but at Least it Can Be Funny

Memes provide a respite from that sense of “gloom and doom;” they offer a light-hearted approach that inspires openness and the embracing of vulnerability. Head here for the full piece.

A meme about the damage that parents do to the work that therapists do.

For many viewers, memes can help them feel like they’re not alone in their struggles. Photo courtesy:

How Students Are Organizing Extracurricular Activities During COVID-19

Amid the COVID-19 lockdown, 55 teens from around the world took it upon themselves to organize an academic tournament for over 500 student participants on an online chatting app. Read how they pulled the feat off here.

Couch Camp promotional banner surrounded by medals on a purple background

Using WSC’s syllabus, Couch Camp organizers moved a mega academic tournament online. Photo courtesy: Couch Camp

Food as a Teaching Tool? Here’s How You Can Make It Happen.

You can even sensitize students to food allergies and why it’s important to know about them. This is also a good time to teach kids about the environment and the impact wasting food can have on our planet. Check out our handy guide here.

An image of food items.

Food can provide children with a lens into multiculturalism. Illustration by (c) Reset Fest Inc, Canada

How Architecture and Design Can Impact Your Mental Health

“We need to have more authenticity in our living spaces for ourselves.” Read how it affects your well-being here.

A wide shot of a Japanese circular designed school for children

A kindergarten school in Tokyo designed in a circular format to allow students to run around. Photo courtesy: Fuji Kindergarten, Katsuhisa Kida

Want to read more around mental health and well-being? Check out the latest here.


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The Best of Mental Health, Education and Inclusion From Us, Picked By You