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Telling your parents you are HIV positive also means admitting you are sexually active. Photo courtesy: Dr. Niveditha Manokaran

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Breaking Taboos Surrounding Menstruation and HIV Sex Positivity

A dermatologist and venereologist breaks down the complexities of periods and safe sex with HIV.

Menstruation, sex, sexual health: all these topics have been taboo since time immemorial, especially in South Asian countries like India.

But what happens when you are HIV positive? How do you communicate this with your loved ones? How do you navigate through your medical expenses and the stigma? Or if you are a young person who menstruates, how do you break regressive taboos and understand sexual health better?

Dermatologist and venereologist Dr. Nivedita Manokaran joined us at Re:Set Dialogues to help us wade through these complex realities with information and compassion.

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Breaking Taboos Surrounding Menstruation and HIV Sex Positivity