Illustration of teachers marching for their pay. The teachers drawn in black, and have a banner in the front saying, "Pay your teachers" in red against a black background.
Unlike struggling corporates, teachers have zero to minimal institutional support. Illustration by (c) Reset Fest Inc, Canada


COVID-19 Has Destroyed the Livelihood of Many Teachers Worldwide

Experts say COVID-19 pandemic is going to negatively impact an entire generation of students.

Lockdowns arising from the COVID-19 pandemic have wrecked the global economy, affecting every industry, including the education sector where teachers are already underpaidAccording to Monisha Bajaj, Professor of International and Multicultural Education at the University of San Francisco, the pandemic is going to act as accelerant to already underlying problems in the education sector. “There were so many educational inequalities globally already before this, and they have been completely exacerbated by what’s happening right now.”

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COVID-19 Has Destroyed the Livelihood of Many Teachers Worldwide