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Entrepreneurs share how COVID-19 forced them to think on their feet and pivot their businesses.

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Being an Entrepreneur in the Quest for Perfection During COVID-19

Four entrepreneurs share how the pandemic changed the way they perceive perfection, and learning to let go.

Being an entrepreneur means steering the ship even as the waters get rough and you don’t know what the next day will bring. There is pressure to be in control, to be perfect and to have it all together.

However, as we’ve seen lately — perfection is overrated especially amid a pandemic when there’s very little in your hands. So what is it like being an entrepreneur in the quest for perfection and how do you learn to let go?

Re:Set founder Aakanksha Tangri spoke to Pooja Dhingra, founder and CEO of Le 15 India, wellness consultant Ishani Vellodi Reddy, Umang Dua, co-founder of Handy and an angel investor, and Roshni Khemlani Mehta, founder of Little IA and co-founder IZAAK AZANEI, to share their insights and experiences.

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Being an Entrepreneur in the Quest for Perfection During COVID-19