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For targets of trolling, the process of taking legal action can itself be a harrowing experience. Illustration by (c) Reset Fest Inc, Canada


Episode 5: Inside the Minds of the Trolls and the Trolled

Body shaming, an elaborate phishing scam and other extremes of trolling and its impact.

On this episode of Why This Now? by Re:Set, we dive into the world of online trolling to understand why trolls troll, the upsurge of government-backed trolling cells and how it impacts the mental health of their targets. 

Prominent journalist Nidhi Razdan and writer and stand-up comic Supriya Joshi take us through their experiences getting trolled and how its affected their well-being, while psychology researcher Dr. Evita March explains the the psychological profiles of trolls and why they do what they do, and lawyer and digital rights advocate Apar Gupta explains why women are disproportionately targeted and the legal measures to push back.

Trigger warning: Please note, a portion of this episode has mentions of suicidal thoughts. Listener discretion is advised between 13:57 & 17:07. If you or someone you know is going through the same, please know there are resources you can reach out to.


Host: Aakanksha Tangri 
Writer: Sanjukta Bose
This is a Maed in India production.
Audio Engineer & Editor: Kartik Kulkarni
Producer: Mae Mariyam Thomas
Assistant Producer: Husein Haveliwala

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Episode 5: Inside the Minds of the Trolls and the Trolled