Illustration of a woman reaching out to a child trying to walk independently.
The misconceptions around disabilities run deep within the systems that are meant to facilitate change. Illustration by (c) Reset Fest Inc, Canada


Episode 9: My Child Has a Developmental Disability, Now What?

Parents tell us how they deal with 'caregiver burden,' their fears and navigating the medical system.

On this episode of Why This Now? by Re:Set, we bring to light the journey of raising a child with an intellectual/developmental disability.

Christine Mutena, a special needs advocate in Kenya and a mother of children with genetic conditions along with Meghnaa Surana, mother of a daughter with Down syndrome and founder of Bubbles, a special needs support group, open up the highs and lows of parenting from happy milestones to disheartening setbacks. And to give a macro perspective on the topic, Meghan Hussey, Director of Global Development and Government Relations at the Special Olympics, talks about the change that can take place when the fields of healthcare, education and policy come together.


Host: Aakanksha Tangri
Writer: Akanksha Mishra
This is a Maed in India production.
Audio Engineer & Editor: Kartik Kulkarni
Producer: Mae Mariyam Thomas
Assistant Producer: Husein Haveliwala

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Episode 9: My Child Has a Developmental Disability, Now What?