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Make expressing your gratitude a practice, for your own well-being and to form stronger relationships. Illustrations by (c) Reset Fest Inc, Canada


Five Simple Ways to Show Your Gratitude

Giving thanks should be more than just saying the words.

Expressing gratitude isn’t just about a simple thank you. There’s more to it than the feel-good emotions your actions bring to people whom you’re showing gratitude towards. Expressing gratitude is actually a powerful tool for your own well-being as well. Gratitude is proven to increase your happiness. And if your own happiness isn’t motivation enough, it will deepen your relationships, cheer someone up and encourage them to repeat the good behaviour. Credit where credit is due, right? We came up with a few ways you can tell the people in your life how much you appreciate them.  

Thank yourself 

In trying to keep up with everything that is going on around the world, we tend to ignore all that we do for ourselves. Through everything, we are taking care of ourselves, mentally, physically, and emotionally, Time to give yourself a pat on the back? And then some. 

  • Take a mental day off. Do whatever you would like to do. Lay in bed, or on the ground
  • Cook for one or order something in. Something you like
  • Put on your favourite outfit, feel your best and do a photo shoot for yourself (and if you feel like it later, post it)

Thank your caregivers — whether it’s the family you’re born into or the family you’ve chosen 

You owe it to them.  They love you (almost) unconditionally and have seen you during your rough moments and have stood by you. 

  • Give them a day off (everyone needs downtime). Take over their household chores, offer to be the adult for a day and let them relax
  • Tell them, most times we don’t say thank you enough, and sometimes even small gestures of acknowledgement are enough
  • Call them. Set up a video group session and just spend time with them

Thank your friends

Through tough mental health days, breakups and good hair days, your friends have seen it all.  Have you ever thanked them for listening to you? For being by your side through the ups and downs? 

  • Write them a thank you card, or an e-card. Go beyond the simple text message
  • Sign them up for their favourite activity, and join them for it
  • Send them their favourite snack or a snack that you enjoy together and add a little thank you note with it

Thank your coworkers

You spend the majority of your day interacting with them and some kindness is always welcome. 

  • Appreciate their work, even if it has nothing to do with your own. An email about their good work rather than the next task will be a pleasant surprise
  • If you see them struggling, lend a hand, advice, or just an ear
  • Acknowledge their work in public

Thank frontline workers

Right now, there are some people who are going out of their way to create a safer, healthier world for us and it is important to acknowledge them. 

  • Spread awareness about the good that they’re doing
  • Reach out to essential workers that you know and ask them how you can help them — perhaps cook a meal for them or offer to check on their family
  • Most importantly as they risk their lives for us, stay home and if it’s absolutely necessary for you to step out, wear a mask

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Five Simple Ways to Show Your Gratitude