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Gen Z Is Fed up of Working From Home, Says New Microsoft Survey

Gen Z is feeling more exhausted at the end of the work day compared to other generations.

With remote working becoming the norm and possibly our future, everyone is settling into their work from home routines and enjoying its many perks, like avoiding all those meetings that could have been emails, or saving on commuting time that involved being cramped on the subway with hundreds of other grumpy people. Yes, work from home seems to be the preferred method for most — except Gen Z. 

A new survey by Microsoft shows that Gen Z (those born between the mid-1990s and 2010s) is struggling to work remotely for a host of reasons, the primary being that they are more likely to be single and hence, feel isolated. The survey included more than 30,000 people across 31 countries and found that 60% of Gen Z said they were barely managing to cope with remote work. Given their circumstances, Gen Z aren’t finding enough motivation to be as productive as they need to be and even lack the financial resources to create a conducive work environment at home.  

“Without hallway conversations, chance encounters, and small talk over coffee, it’s hard to feel connected even to my immediate team, much less build meaningful connections across the company,” Hannah McConnaughey, a Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft, said in the survey, stressing that networking is key during the formative years of one’s career. Many even said they find it difficult to balance work and home life and report feeling more exhausted at the end of the work day as compared to other generations. 

Microsoft’s survey indicates the urgent need for companies to tackle these issues and focus on employee well-being. Happier employees and fresh perspectives are important for growth and innovation. If the new generation isn’t motivated enough to contribute, it directly threatens the future of any business. Now that hybrid working is catching up, this gap needs to be bridged more than ever.

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Gen Z Is Fed up of Working From Home, Says New Microsoft Survey