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Dr. Munjaal Kapadia recommends women ditch the vaginal cleaning products. Photo courtesy: Dr. Munjaal Kapadia

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How to Manage Endometriosis Pain, Infertility and the Stigma Around It

Insights from an expert on the treatment available for endometriosis and the dos and don'ts for vaginal health.

Endometriosis is known to be one of the most painful conditions in the world. People who live with it often find their pain and experiences invalidated and dismissed by medical professionals and those around them.

Even though there’s no cure for it yet, timely treatment can help control the severity of endometriosis. But in some cases, the stigma around menstrual health can result in a delay in seeking help with women enduring painful periods, infertility and extreme fatigue among other symptoms.

For Endometriosis Awareness Month, Dr. Munjaal Kapadia, Director of Namaha Healthcare, joined us on Re:Set Dialogues to break down the stigma around endometriosis, pain and infertility. Watch him answer questions from our audience about how to navigate the condition and seek treatment.

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How to Manage Endometriosis Pain, Infertility and the Stigma Around It