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How can men support women as they grapple with infertility? Dr. Kapadia shares it all. Photo courtesy: Dr. Munjaal Kapadia

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How to Tackle IVF, Vaccines, Infertility and Pregnancy During COVID-19

From freezing eggs to taking COVID-19 vaccines during IVF, Dr. Munjaal Kapadia shares everything you need to know.

From perfect strangers to aunties you’ve barely ever met, everyone wants to know when you’re giving them the “good news.” Navigating this conversation can be triggering for couples who are struggling to conceive.

The societal pressure and inability to keep with expectations around starting a family can worsen mental health.

Dr. Munjaal Kapadia, gynaecologist and director, Namaha Healthcare, joined us on Re:Set Dialogues to answer questions around pregnancy, freezing eggs and infertility, and tells us how we can be kinder to ourselves during the emotional rollercoaster ride of conceiving. Can you get the COVID-19 vaccine while trying to conceive? Should you continue with IVF? And what role can a man play in supporting the women in their lives as they grapple with infertility? Watch him share everything you need to know about fertility during COVID-19.

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How to Tackle IVF, Vaccines, Infertility and Pregnancy During COVID-19