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Adhuna shares why hairstylists need to always keep learning. Photo courtesy: Adhuna

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BBlunt’s Adhuna on How She Created an Empire

She's the woman behind Preity Zinta's iconic curls in 'Dil Chahta Hai.'

From introducing curls to the silver screen to changing the trends in hairstyling, she’s done it all. Adhuna is the Co-founder and Creative Director of BBlunt India, one of India’s most chic and beloved chain of salons.

But is getting the trends right and breaking free from traditional styling easy and how did her iconic salons become the brand that they are today?

Adhuna joined us on ‘In Hindsight,‘ our series where we speak to prominent names across industries about their journey, to share the challenges of running an empire and how she built a brand. Watch our full conversation here.

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BBlunt’s Adhuna on How She Created an Empire