A girl wearing a green sweater and denim shorts sitting inside a weekly pill box. The pill box also has 2 pills, 2 pencils and one pair of earphones in individual pills sockets.
Introspection can be a form of self-care and help you understand yourself better. Illustrations by (c) Reset Fest Inc, Canada

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Journaling Prompts for People With Chronic Illnesses

Use introspection as a coping tool to help you regulate your emotions.

For those with chronic illnesses, each day can vary and be unpredictable. Often invisible, chronic illnesses can be overlooked or not taken seriously by people and can cause mental and physical distress to those living with the conditions. Introspection is a tool that can help one cope and unpack the emotional baggage that comes with an illness. We’ve put together a list of prompts for people living with chronic illnesses to help them get through a tough day or simply make journaling a habit.

A list of introspection prompts for people with chronic illnesses

Introspection can help understand whether you’re treating yourself and those around you the way you would like. (c) Reset Fest Inc, Canada

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Journaling Prompts for People With Chronic Illnesses