Image of Shrima Rai wearing a saree.
Rai insists on challenging gender conventions to raise feminist sons. Photo courtesy: Shrima Rai

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Mom Influencer Shrima Rai on Raising Feminist Sons

From gender neutral toys to getting them in the kitchen, here's how one mom is hitting Re:Set

We often hear people say that daughters should be raised like sons. But, what if we normalized raising our boys like we raise girls? Gender constructs have never been a problem for Shrima Rai, who shared with Re:Set how she raises her two boys. Rai is a mom influencer and a well-known face in India’s parenting scene.

Motivated to defy conventions, she has been buying them gender neutral toys and getting the boys to help out in the kitchen. Watch her open up about how she’s challenging gender norms to raise feminist sons.

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Mom Influencer Shrima Rai on Raising Feminist Sons