This is an illustration of a sunflower that slowly blooms, a metaphor that reflects the after-effects of self-care
Self-care is maintenance and repair of your overall well-being. All illustrations by (c) Reset Fest Inc, Canada.

Re:Set Your Everyday

More Than Just Face Masks: Breaking Down the Different Types of Self-Care

Prioritize yourself and take deliberate steps to Re:Set your overall well-being.

Illustrations in a comic-book-style beginning with shoes of people in a crowd depicting the hustle, a watch depicting an individual forgetting to take time for themselves, a girl's forehead and eyes talking about types of self-care and how it is important.

A series of illustrations depicting the importance of emotional self-care and methods to practice it. Firstly, identify your feelings and make changes if required. Second, introspecting on your self-talk and making it more positive.

Furthering on emotional self-care, the illustrations depict a girl wiping her tear and a medical kit symbolising an emotional emergency kit which are your go-to tools when you don't feel your best. .

A series illustrating physical self-care and it's importance on an individual's well-being. The few things to enhance physical well-being is stretching intermittently during work hours, taking a break from your regular fitness regime and creating a meal plan for the following week.

Continuing on physical self-care is a series of illustrations with a stethoscope, a calendar, a lady resting and another lady meditating. These illustrations are attempting to point out - get a full body check-up, schedule time for rest and practice a yoga routine from home.

Illustrations with a mirror and a girl practicing positive affirmations, another pair of illustrations depicting stargazing.

Illustrations depicting intellectual self-care and about expanding your mind - read more books from your favorite genre, listen to podcasts and trying to learn a new language.

Illustrations depicting social self-care and the importance of it. Different ways to practice it are - spending some quality time with your loved ones and showing gratitude to them.

A series of illustrations showing the blossoming of a sunflower.

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More Than Just Face Masks: Breaking Down the Different Types of Self-Care