Image of Pooja Khanna, Vivek and Norah Mittal dressed in black
Using social media, Pooja Khanna breaks down the misconceptions around Down syndrome. Photo courtesy: Pooja Khanna


Pooja Khanna on Raising a Daughter With Down Syndrome

Here's why inclusion is the need of the hour.

After her daughter Norah was diagnosed with Down syndrome, Pooja Khanna took to the internet to find more resources and eventually started sharing snippets of her own life. Since then, she has been using social media to bust the myths and reclaim the narrative around the condition.

This Down Syndrome Awareness Month, we chatted with her about creating an inclusive environment, the misconceptions around disabilities, and gaining strength from the Down syndrome community in India.

Watch Khanna, an advocate for people with special needs, speak about the importance of inclusion.

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Pooja Khanna on Raising a Daughter With Down Syndrome