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From discussing family dynamics to finding resources, the panel delved into various facets of mental health.

Re:Set Dialogues

How To Talk To Your Parents About Mental Health in a South Asian Family

We partnered with Curry Traits to discuss mental health.

Talking about mental health in many South Asian families isn’t likely to be a dinner table conversation with stigma attached to the subject. This has led to young South Asians turning to online communities as a safe space to share their experiences. Subtle Curry Traits, one of the most popular Facebook groups, explores relatable, yet difficult topics with humour. 

For the latest edition of Re:Set Dialogues, we partnered with Curry Traits and psychologist Ruchita Chandrashekar to learn about how young South Asians can broach the topic of mental health with their families. 


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How To Talk To Your Parents About Mental Health in a South Asian Family