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Introspection can help you in making better decisions. Photo courtesy: Unsplash


The Re:Set Guide to Introspection and Knowing Yourself Better

Take some time to reflect.

Introspection and reflection are helpful tools for self-awareness. While rewinding the activities of the day may seem like a ‘Dear Diary’ idea, introspection delves a little deeper into your thoughts, going beyond what you did during the day. When done with purpose, regular introspection can help make better decisions, increase confidence and communication at work, and creates resilience.

We’ve put together a worksheet with prompts and questions to help make your introspection journey easier. You can print the worksheet or just fill the answers out separately. You can make this a daily, weekly or monthly occurrence — whatever works best for you! 

A worksheet to help you check in with yourself. The text reads: Free Flow Write down all the thoughts you’re feeling right now, whether it is about the next task at hand or about something that happened three days ago. Keep writing for two minutes and let your thoughts flow. What is something that you have been thinking about but are not ready to share with other people? One thing you did recently that you are proud of. One thing you did recently that you wish you hadn’t When do you feel like your best self? Describe it — where, when, why? What insecurity holds you back? What lesson are you trying to unlearn right now? What can you be most grateful for right now? What is the one thing that’s giving you hope right now? How is your heart feeling? How is your body feeling?

Use our guide to help you check in with yourself. Illustration by (c) Reset Fest Inc, Canada

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The Re:Set Guide to Introspection and Knowing Yourself Better