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People around the world tell us what they wish for in a post-pandemic world. Illustrations by (c) Reset Fest Inc, Canada


We Asked People What They’re Looking Forward to Post Pandemic

'This will pass, and afterward, we will see the world differently.'

Ah! As we sit in our pyjamas longingly looking out the window, we can only dream that one day this will be over and we will be able to get out of the house without a mask (gasp!) when it is safe. COVID-19 has given us a newfound appreciation of the outdoors and social interaction and as we wait for the light at the end of the tunnel, we asked five people from around the world what they are looking forward to post-pandemic. 

 Nisarg Ved, 26, business owner and yoga instructor, UAE

A photo of Nisarg with a pink background. There is a thought bubble that has 3 people doing yoga.

Photo courtesy: Nisarg Ved

Feeling grateful and blessed, Ved is learning to make use of his time more efficiently and of course, cook. Looking at the grander scheme of things, he is waiting “to see how the world is going to function differently than it used to.”

“The way we consume, everything is going to change. The way we produce and trade services and time, everything is up for reevaluation,” he told Re:Set.  He’s also curious to see what role he will play in this new way of life and how eating out, meeting people, and teaching yoga will change post COVID-19. 

Erina Svinija, 18, student, Thailand 

A photo of Erina with a pink background. There is a thought bubble which has a university drawing along with a textbook.

Photo courtesy: Erina Svinija

Svinija is entering her final two weeks of exams and is currently spending her time with her parents and younger sister. While she’s grateful to spend this time at home and not alone, she’s wondering about her academic future. “I’m looking forward to being able to attend university in the fall but now I have no idea if it will even start in person,” Svinija told Re:Set. 

“I’m learning to appreciate the moment, normally my life is about planning for the future and constantly moving forward but now all these future events are on pause and I’m forced to live by the present,” the 18-year-old told Re:Set.  

 Pinal Kamani, 24, interior designer, UAE

An image of Pinal with a pink background and a thought bubble that has two girls hugging.

Photo courtesy: Pinal Kamani

“Meet my best friend,” Kamani exclaimed when we asked her what she’s looking forward to most. Her work often involves meeting new people and visiting new places and that’s what she misses during this time. Even though she has picked up a lot of creative hobbies and used this time to create her business plans, she misses doing the actual groundwork. 

Khushboo Chougule, 23, student, USA

An image of Khushboo on a pink background with a thought bubble of a girl sitting on a cafe table.

Photo courtesy: Khushboo Chougule

“I’m most looking forward to going to local cafes to do work and meet up with some old friends in town. I’m also looking forward to going back to the university where I studied and doing some of the things people traditionally do in their last year,” Chougule told Re:Set.

She hopes to visit the art museum that opened on the university campus and checking things off from her bucket list to wrap up student life. 

 Mike Tredway, 32, services manager, South Africa

A photo of Mike on a pink background with a thought bubble that has mountains in it.

Photo courtesy: Mike Tredaway

“I am waiting to be in the mountains, and hanging out with friends. I am very much a socialite, so being confined to my house on weekends especially has been tough,” Tredway told Re:Set. 

He is also looking forward to running with his friends but tries to make up for that while taking his dogs for a walk or running on his farm. “I am a very busy person in general, I don’t like to sit around for too long. I love exploring new places and indulging in new experiences. I have had to stop, take a step back and learn to chill,” Tredway told Re:Set. This break was necessary for him because he was feeling burnt out at the beginning of the year, but is now looking forward to going back to normal.  

“This will pass, and afterward, we will see the world differently,” Tredway reflected.

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We Asked People What They’re Looking Forward to Post Pandemic